Challenging the White Elephants of HRMS

There was a time when managing HRMS had limited option of using ERPs available in the market at such a huge cost, which is no less than buying an expensive white elephant. To top it, maintaining it has been another challenge. Be it the infrastructure required or services of consultant’s right from implementation phase till maintenance.  It has been no less than buying and maintaining elephant, which has its own limitation of its giant size with less flexibility for its users. Yes, it does come with its reputation. giant and expensive like a white elephant!   

But is this worth the time, money and efforts which go into buying, implementing and maintaining it?  Pain not only ends here; user cannot ignore the efforts and cost associated with its upgradations which are unavoidable due to ever changing technologies.

This question has been bothering many for good number of years including Amitabh Trivedy, founder at FlexiEle, who has been consulting for such Giant, Inflexible but reputed ERPs while working for fortune 500 companies for around 15 years. Limitations and inflexibility in architecture of such huge and expensive applications challenged his technical capabilities and inspired him to create an ERP which is ‘Giant as an Elephant yet Flexible’, hence named it ‘FlexiEle’. There was something more than just challenging the technical capabilities – CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. After spending a huge amount on buying and implementing, users struggle to customize the application as per their specific need. Every business has its own working model and the ERP should provide the solutions according to business rather than moulding the processes or features of customers as per the ERP application’s specifications. If such ERPs allow customization, it would come with additional cost along with extended timelines.

Aspiration of creating an ERP with absolute flexible and low-cost solutions could be materialized with the help of Cloud Computing and dedicated commitment of founding team of FlexiEle led by Amitabh Trivedy. 

Ground work for FE started from small servant room with two freshers and the vision: ‘To provide the most flexible ERP Solutions to pace up with ever changing business needs through latest technologies and highly motivated people’.  Our goal is to

  • To overcome the challenges faced by business who are using market leading ERP in terms of flexible application architecture, and the TCO cost
  • To provide affordable and equivalent level playing field to SME sector to compete with established players

FE Developed 1st module of ERP and started providing HR and Payroll processing solutions to its first big client (>more than 16,000 people) as SaaS. In few years FE came up with next version of its application: FE R 2 with more sub modules added to its HRMS – like On Boarding, Leave, Attendance, BI, EXIT, and Helpdesk.  This version launched FE mobile application which allows its users to access FE application through smart phones. Most of the competitors including leading ERPs in the market lacked this feature back then.

FlexiEle kept on increasing its portfolio to cover complete employee life cycle by adding [premium modules like – comprehensive Recruitment- On boarding, Learning-Training, Talent-Performance Management System which not only covers employee’s training or appraisal rather manage their complete growth within organisation through competency mapping, identifying gaps and bridging those through training and tracking performance.

Gradual addition of many more supportive modules like – Employee Travel, Expenses, Task, Asset and survey management modules, FlexiEle not only takes care of employee life cycle but also enrich and enhance their work experience in any organization.

Now FlexiEle is supporting more than 50,000 head counts of our clients from diverse industries for more than a decade now.

Keep watching how this Flexible Elephant help today’s business, lower down the cost of managing human resources with tremendous flexibility and ever-growing efficiency.

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