Company Founders

Combination of HR Technology and Functional expertise

Amitabh Trivedy

Around 25 years of Techno functional experience in HR with GM, GE in USA and Europe. He is passionate about technology and use of technology to simplify challenges has been his motivation. Role at FlexiEle – Technology head and overall management.


Lakshmi Trivedy

Bioinformatics from UCSC, California. MBA HR from IMT alumni with more than 20 years of professional experience in diverse roles including HR functional roles with MNCs. Diverse experience has been helping her managing various verticals at FlexiEle like Operations, Client engagement and HR etc.

Why FlexiEle was started

From Achiever to Dreamer

While managing HRM technology vertical with leading multinational company, Amitabh identified the gap in customer’s requirements to automate specific processes in their organization and customization limitations in available HR software in market. Even after paying huge amount in implementation, client’s satisfaction was not up-to mark owing to rigidity in architecture of leading applications.

To fill this gap in market, he left his comfortable job to start FlexiEle, which derived its name from Flexible Elephant. Giant HR ERP like an Elephant which fits into client’s requirement rather than client fitting into HR ERP’s architecture.

Lakshmi brought in expertise of HR functional domain to FlexiEle. Her management from IMT Ghaziabad and work experience across various HR functions like Training, People Management, Talent management at various organizations have been adding value to the technical team.

FlexiEle’s Journey

From inception to providing services to more than 50k+ users of various organizations from various verticals


To provide the most flexible ERP Solutions to pace up with ever changing business needs through latest technologies and highly motivated people


Our Core values are the base of who we are. It starts from the core from “ Motivated People’ who provide ‘Customer Focused Solutions’ with ‘Uncompromising Quality’ which result into ‘Growth’ of our client as well as Us as an organization

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