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Frequently Asked Question - Flexiele-Payroll Software

What is Payroll Software?
FlexiEle Payroll Software is a secure, accurate, versatile, and easy-to-use solution, acclaimed as the best payroll software for small to large organizations.

How does FlexiEle handle Payroll Processing?
FlexiEle efficiently processes payroll, handling salary, arrears, and reimbursements based on HRMS data. It manages various components like overtime, leave encashment, and statutory challans generation, ensuring streamlined and comprehensive payroll operations.

Why is FlexiEle considered the best payroll software?
FlexiEle, the top payroll software, swiftly resolves employee queries through its online helpdesk. It covers diverse payroll components, benefits, and taxes, ensuring compliance with minimum wages, perquisites, and statutory deductions.

What features make FlexiEle stand out among Payroll Software Companies?
FlexiEle Payroll Reports ensure compliance with interactive graphs, custom reports on salary, benefits, advances, reimbursements, and timely curation of tax and statutory reports.

What services are provided under Employee Payroll Self Services?
FlexiEle empowers employees with self-service options for payroll activities through the portal or mobile. Services include viewing/downloading salary and tax slips, declaring investments, updating details, and raising query tickets with updates. 

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