Celebrating the Amazing Women of Our Workforce and our Lives

Great minds think alike, but great teams think differently. An organization with a diverse workforce always trumps all others, more so, if it’s women-inclusive. For inclusive decisions and innovative ideas to take shape, it’s important to share the decision-making table with people from different walks of life, which includes women of different calibers and backgrounds.

FlexiEle takes this occasion of women’s day to celebrate the strong, awe-inspiring women who take on new challenges and make history every day. Walk with us as we explore how invaluable women’s contribution is to the Indian business world and what our womenfolk feel about FlexiEle.

Why Women Employees Bring a Positive Change in the Organization

Businesses that have diverse teams always have an upper hand at profits, customer and talent acquisition, because they think differently, solve problems with a micro and macro approach and have a steady stream of creativity fed into them through varied sources. The role of women only accentuates this fact.

Strong pillars at all ends uphold any organization. These pillars include women who join the workforce at different stages of their careers/lives.

Women are naturally good at nurturing relationships and problem-solving, which makes them exemplary leaders. Organizations that break free from glass ceilings by allowing healthy, equal competition at the leadership level, witness the impact of women’s leadership first-hand.

Although 10% of C-suite positions are occupied by women globally (McKinsey report 2022), more leaders are up and coming and are likely to break the glass ceiling in all industries soon.

Apart from leadership, most women are also strong community builders, which means they are naturally adept at keeping a group together and ensuring everyone is heard, understood and valued. Also, most women, especially Indian women possess excellent emotional intelligence. When they’re able to work freely in a safe and unbiased environment, they can navigate interpersonal dynamics, bring out the best in others and also dedicate their 100% to the company.

Progress Towards Betterment: Women Returning to the Workforce

Did you know that remote working has boosted the hiring and retention of a diverse workforce, predominantly women, to about 71%? Remote working has brought with it a commute-free, work-from-anywhere model which has promptly addressed concerns that were hindering women to re-enter the workforce in full swing.

Women who needed to drop out of work to tend to families, who had to leave their homes in tier 2, and tier 3 cities and villages to come work in a metro city and who wished to take a break to focus on other interests have rejoined the workforce with full rigor, thanks to the remote working scenario.

With this trend of women masterminds coming back to business, India will certainly reach its trillion-dollar mark in a few years.

FlexiEle’s Deep Reverence to Women

FlexiEle, being a pioneer in the technology industry for 12+ years, has always been ahead of the curve, when it comes to talent engagement. We were one of the first companies to adopt the work-from-anywhere model, which has helped us in reaching out to talent across the country and put together our dream team.

We believe women at each stage of their careers have unique value to add to the company, and we strive to provide an environment conducive to unrestricted growth.

In our team, we have Alia and Deepali, who are seasoned professionals rejoining work after 5-8 years. We also bring in fresh graduates from college, flame their curiosity and determination and set a strong foundation for their careers. We have talented women like Tanya joining us from far-off cities. Pooja is another female professional with burgeoning potential in FlexiEle.

All these women and more, have displayed exemplary performance and potential. We were able to engage their talent in our business by being an inclusive, equitable, flexible, nurturing and growth-oriented employer. One of the co-founders of FlexiEle is a woman of vast experience, Mrs Lakshmi Trivedy, and that’s another reason why FlexiEle has always had a deep reverence for womenfolk.

What Do Our Employees Say?

Don’t believe us? Hear what our employees have to say!

Pooja cites,” I’m amazed to see how people here interact and support each other at FlexiEle, in both professional & personal aspects; every person is seen through the same lens.”.

Deepali echoes the same thought as she states, “FlexiEle is the place where work done matters more than gender. So I feel more empowered, secure and happy to work with FlexiEle. Here, I don’t need to explain myself, nor do I need to raise my voice to prove myself.”

Tanya feels FlexiEle is an impartial, equal opportunity employer as she opines, “FlexiEle provides us with the environment where everyone can let their talent, passion thrive regardless of any looks, gender and age with flexible work schedules. And I feel very happy and motivated to be a part of this company.”

Aliya voices her favorite aspect about working with FlexiEle in her statement,” Work-life balance is the most amazing thing in FlexiEle. Women can feel more powerful when they can successfully balance official and personal life together and with FlexiEle, I can feel this power. Thanks to the leadership team, for understanding and encouraging women to express their opinion and feel their worth”.

Final Words

On the whole, we’re grateful that our women feel empowered, valued and celebrated here at FlexiEle. The magic that makes four walls into a home is the same magic that propels an organization forward.

We’re delighted to have these amazing women and many other luminaries onboard, whose hard work, intelligence and commitment steer us forward. This Women’s day, we salute the phenomenal contribution of women to all avenues of society, as we cheer them on, to propel the future along with all of us.

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