Master the Art of Saying Goodbye: Here’s Your Guide to Smooth Employee Exits

You’ve witnessed the Great Resignation. You haven’t been able to sleep peacefully since then. It’s not fair that you worked so hard to hire, onboard, and train the candidates only for them to leave you high and dry. But, what you may not know is that of the 50M people who quit during the Great Resignation, almost 89% regret their decision and have started reapplying to their previous jobs.

People come back because they trust your company to be a respectful, invaluable workplace that views people as people and not just resources.

This kind of positive impression can be formed with a smooth, iceless exit experience, which makes the employee rethink their decision big time.

Curious to know simple yet significant hacks to make exits less hectic and more efficient for you? Keep reading.


Where Does It All Go Wrong? Let’s Understand What Ails Your Exit Process & Fix It

Exits look more or less similar in most companies – employee submits resignation, manager and HR have rounds of talks, decide to retain or let them go, arrive at the last working day and initiate exit formalities. But, it doesn’t always end smoothly, does it?

It becomes all the more chaotic if you’re managing the entire exit process manually, or with only Excel sheets and emails.

So, let’s deep dive and ascertain how your company’s exits can be better.

Employee’s Perspective

Employees, regardless of what type of company they’re in, face mostly the same type of issues. It starts when they submit their resignation.

#1 Where & How to Submit Resignation?

In companies where employees still raise emails to submit resignations, it can be messy. Employees don’t know whom to contact, and it leads to their important resignation mail being unattended. If there’s no safe place to raise a request confidentially, with the possibility of no one responding to it, they’d prefer to leave.

Solution: An independent, self-service portal, like FlexiEle’s exit module, for the employee to file their resignation with utmost confidentiality, and security. Once the request is raised, it reaches the reporting manager and sends periodic reminders to ensure the request is actioned upon.

#2 Stakeholders Pass the Ball

If an employee’s exit approval or retention needs to be approved by multiple stakeholders, it’s easy to get stuck, with no information flow to the employee. Without clear accountability and monitoring of step-by-step approvals, things get out of hand.

Solution: Customize exit workflows to suit your organization, and the employee can view where their exit formalities are and where things are stuck. As soon as the main approver gives their verdict, either the decision is reversed, or the employee’s exit formalities begin one by one. FlexiEle’s unique exit module allows you to create pitstops for each department or stakeholder to give their approval, and for employees and HR to track progress via the exit module.

#3 Settlements Pending Beyond Reasonable Time

If your organization has a standard settlement policy and due to transactional issues it’s delayed beyond the time limit, employees lose patience and blow up your inbox with reminders. This creates a bad impression on you and the company.

Solution: Automating your exit and payroll with FlexiEle can ease the manual data feeding and gatekeeping tasks and help you find ways to bring about process efficiency. A portal where even relieved employees can service themselves and extract the documents they need, without anyone’s intervention – can save hours of your time and improve trust.

#4 Unpleasant Relieving

Every employee deserves a respectful, decent relieving, with a final word from their manager, peers, and people they’ve been in touch with. If an employee, for some reason, doesn’t get a proper goodbye and is relieved quietly, they will carry an unpleasant memory with them.

Solution: With FlexiEle, you can schedule and automate a deserving farewell, send appreciation letters, and a message from leadership on the LWD.


HR’s Perspective

As gatekeepers of data and process owners, you have the most backlash to face if things go haywire. Ensure an airtight exit experience for easier transactions.

Get an agile online master that has complete information on your organization’s assets, their possessors, and what access each employee has. Safeguard your interests, prevent misuse, and record damages to adjust in F&F, all at the click of a button. FlexiEle’s Asset Management module does this for you, seamlessly.

Conduct in-person, heart-to-heart exit interviews before and after the employee has left and collate their pain points. Let this data guide you in exploring root causes. And, let our analytics generate surprisingly accurate insights and show you where your people strategy needs to change.


What’s the Solution to Fix Your Exit Process Gaps?

Get an advanced, state-of-the-art cloud-based HRMS that encourages collaborative, yet decentralized working. Improve efficiency, save time, and significantly improve your employees’ exit experience and create a healthy employer brand for yourself with FlexiEle’s exit module. With this super-efficient software, you can take off several mundane, transactional work from your plate.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today at, or visit our website to book a demo with us.

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