How an interactive and smart HRMS can engage employees better with small or large organization


Are you looking for an efficient HRMS to manage your employees’ basic requirements, to understand your business and to adapt to your changing needs? These are hygiene factors which are crucial to the workforce. You need an expert solution to ensure accurate and systematic service to your employees. FlexiEle HRMS is the one for you. 

Let’s look at the basic HRMS requirements of any business and how FlexiEle can support them.

Empower through Employee Self Service (ESS)

FlexiEle understands the significance of employees accessing their respective data at all times. Our ESS portal provides a customisable dashboard to all users, where they can manage leave, attendance, documents, events and important actions. 

  • The inbuilt calendar in ESS shows all important events in the month, namely, training sessions, birthdays, work anniversaries and holidays.
  • My Profile section shows employee’s basic work details, to help others in recognising them, while the My Data section captures their complete details. Once collected from the employee, the system automatically fetches data wherever and whenever required.
  • The employee’s attendance section, enables employees to check-in attendance for the day, regularise past leaves, view their total leave balance along with the split up of leaves and request future time off.
  • Employees can manage scheduled training programs, claim reimbursements, upload investment proofs and access company issued documents. 
  • Interaction with other employees, such as posting on the wall, recognition of notable achievements, welcoming new hires and applying for internal job postings can be done in the ESS portal of FlexiEle.
  • Helpdesk feature enables employees to raise issues/tickets with the internal teams and ask for help instantaneously. 


Tool for methodical managers

Do your managers find it difficult to search for each team member’s request and approve them, causing a huge delay? We have the perfect fix for you! 

FlexiEle comes with the ‘Manager Self Service’, where all requests from the manager’s reportees are presented for review and approval with a touch of a button. 

With FlexiEle, the manager can look out for their team members by managing their lifecycle in the MSS, namely, approval and tracking of onboarding, time off, grievance, reimbursement claim, attendance regularisation, task allotment, training and exit clearance,  thus making the employees feel supported and cared for.  


Master control for HR

One of the major duties of HR is the upkeep of employee data. Are you worried if you will lose data in transition from your current system? Worry not. FlexiEle ensures complete data migration without loss. FlexiEle stores complete data and provides a flexible reporting system where any report can be extracted in no time. 

Our HRMS supports multiple languages and currencies, services all geographies and can adhere to varied statutory regulations. FlexiEle can accommodate any structure of business and organisation hierarchy can be customised as the business evolves.


Attendance Management

Is your HR having a hard time collecting in person and remote attendance data? FlexiEle has an intelligent attendance tracking system that monitors in person attendance through biometric and remote attendance with geotracking, geofencing where employees can check-in via mobile applications. All attendance data can be synced and presented to HR and managers for planning shifts, roster and tasks using FlexiEle.


Leave Management 

Does your company work in multiple cities and countries? Do you want to bring all holiday calendars under one roof? We have your back. FlexiEle HRMS can incorporate any number of leaves, catering to multiple holiday calendars, with any complex leave policy. Data on leaves, holidays and absences are sent to the HR and managers regularly, to make informed decisions. 

We, at FlexiEle, want to work with you in elevating employee experience in your company. Visit to kickstart your journey in making HR smarter. 


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