How an effective performance management system can improve employee efficiency

How many times have you wanted to know who is the best performing employee in your company? Do you want to recognize top talent and encourage them? Do you want to train underperformers to unleash their potential? If you answered ‘yes’ to the above questions, then you need a smart HRMS like FlexiEle to evaluate talent in your company.

Background of performance management

Setting goals and measuring their performance against them is a way to ascertain extent of performance. On the other hand, there might be employees who have high potential but underperform, due to a variety of reasons. Managing performance regularly helps you in identifying top performers, encouraging high potential and helping low performers. This can also be a way to understand the pulse of the organisation and to introduce new measures to improve wellness and productivity.

Set the appraisal cycle

If your business works well with an yearly goal setting and performance review, FlexiEle can accommodate the same. If you prefer having an yearly goal, but quarterly/half yearly performance review, FlexiEle offers complete flexibility in setting goals and reviewing performance and having multiple types of reviews within one appraisal cycle.

 Set expectations with goals/OKRs

Pre-defined KRAs, and goals can be imported as files and auto-filled for all designations. This prefilled data can later be edited by employee and manager before finalizing SMART goals for the review period. Employees can set their own KRAs, assign weightages for each KRA and fix goals for themselves. This in turn can be viewed, edited and approved by their manager and skip level manager.

If your company follows the OKR model of expectation setting, you can do it seamlessly with FlexiEle. Employees can write their own objectives, key results, allocate weightages for each objective and update progress of the same. Managers and skip level managers can view, edit, update and track progress of all their team members’ OKRs under the Manager Self Service portal.

The comprehensive and collaborative goal setting system on FlexiEle helps in communicating goals clearly to all stakeholders.

Competency Mapping and Assessment

Each job position in a company comes with a unique set of skill, knowledge and experience required to perform well. When an employee is recruited for a position, their fitment is checked and they are hired. For them to do the job well, possession and application of their respective competencies are essential. By mapping role wise, grade and band wise competencies, expectation is set. By measuring competencies during each appraisal period, their possession and application are evaluated. When you determine the gap between expected and actual competencies, remedial measures can be taken. With FlexiEle, HR can upload role wise competencies during the goal setting period and evaluate them during the review.


Do you wish to have a simple, easy to use PMS software that captures details comprehensively and gives you a crystal clear picture of the talent in your company? Do you want to save time for the HR, Management and employees and have a hassle free goal setting process?

Look no further. Visit to kickstart your smart HRMS journey!

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