How to Improve and Accelerate Your Hiring Cycle with FlexiEle’s Recruitment System

You can find the right assets for your company seamlessly with the right applicant tracking system and create a great hiring experience. No more manual tracking, calling, mailing, and managing candidate influx.

FlexiEle presents the perfect solution to save time, and align with your business workflows and hiring team’s needs. Our recruitment and onboarding module can be a game changer for you in minimizing manual operations, hiring cycle time, and maximizing efficiency.

Read on to find out how we can make a never-before hiring and onboarding experience for your candidates using FlexiEle’s Recruitment and Onboarding module.

Right Persona to Suit Business Needs

Before you start making a list of whom to hire, you need to take a closer look at your business process. Talk to your founders, or department heads to get a bird’s eye view of the entire business. From there, narrow down to each process that contributes to the ultimate goal.

Each process consists of related tasks which require varying levels of skills. For each role figure out what type of competencies, experience, and personality you require and create an ideal persona for each job position.

Having this persona in mind, create a job description detailing the key performance metrics, key interfaces of the role, and day-to-day responsibilities. Take time to chalk out the compensation and growth roadmap for the role, as this is essential information to showcase your brand as trustworthy to potential candidates.

In a time where candidates receive multiple offers, they need the promise of a compelling future to come work for you.

Raise Job Requests, Get Approved, and Broadcast to the World

Once you’re ready to look for the ultimate candidate, you need a robust process to create, and share with critical stakeholders such as the manager, divisional head, HOD, and leadership and get it vetted just in time. Make this process fast-paced and seamless with FlexiEle’s Recruitment module. Establish controls wherever necessary, view the progress of each stakeholder, send reminders and ensure job requests are raised and approved promptly.

Your approved job request needs to go live now. With FlexiEle you can now publish job openings to your employees on their HRMS’s feed, where they can view, apply or refer to their personal or professional contacts.

Take your job opening to the world, with FlexiEle, by broadcasting the post on your company webpage, job portals and social media handle all at the same time. Integrate our recruitment module with your channel partners, for better reach.

In the job requests, FlexiEle allows for a unique feature where you can enter the budget for the position and get it exclusively approved by the management/stakeholders. Approvers can enter their comments for the recruiter and get changes done, to ensure optimal hiring for the company.

Quicken Candidate Screening

Now that your job ad is live, you are sure to get scores of resumes in your recruitment system. Are you able to wade through the applications swiftly and pick the best? Or, do you spend time reading each resume and moving them to the next stage? If the latter sounds like you, you need to automate your screening first.

FlexiEle helps you quicken the entire process. Plug in critical metrics you need to evaluate in all applicants – education, experience, skills, certifications, achievements, etc., assign the expected score to each metric and let our resume parsing tool work its way through resumes and fill in details under each metric.

FlexiEle brings up the top-scoring applications and highlights scores against expectations, for easier scanning and selection. If a candidate is suitable for more than one position, map their profile to multiple job openings and assess their fit.

Blacklist any candidate due to unscrupulous behavior or any other reason and save any potential losses.

Consolidates both internal and external applicants, filter job openings, view and manage all required data under one single dashboard, with FlexiEle, your ideal recruitment tool.

Manage Interviews with Ease

Does your company have a unique selection process for a few roles, but does your ATS not allow for it? It’s time to choose FlexiEle’s recruitment module which comes with a feature where you can choose a custom interview workflow for whichever job positions you require.

Define the following elements for each job position:

  • Workflow rules
  • Guidelines for interviewers/interviewees
  • Rating scale
  • Feedback mechanism: who gives, who approves, who moves the candidate to the next stage
  • Budget

As you filter candidates from their resumes, automate the next big task of interview scheduling with FlexiEle. Schedule an interview appointment by viewing the hiring manager’s availability within the system, and send automatic reminders, calendar invites, and notifications to candidates at one go.

FlexiEle takes the burden of recruitment operations off your shoulders. Record comp negotiations in the candidates’ profiles, and bring in the finance head and other stakeholders to mark approval.

Applicant Self-Service to Enhance Candidate Experience

Give applicant access to candidates, so you don’t have to be the middleman. With FlexiEle’s applicant self-service, they can upload documents, view the status of applications, receive offers, and proceed with the next steps.

Collaborate with Partners

Give your recruitment partner, or RPO access to FlexiEle recruitment module to have a common space to share instructions, share and approve candidate profiles. View interviews scheduled by the firm, confirm availability, and ensure progress as desired.

Integrate with BGV Vendors

Provide access to your BGV vendor to your recruitment module, batch candidates for verification, view status, and take appropriate action.

Manage Vendor Payments

Maintain one source of truth for vendor interactions with FlexiEle’s recruitment module. Manage payments, and track progress for recruiting and BGV partners.

Integrate with Assessment Tools

Our recruitment module can easily be integrated into any third-party assessment tool with no hassle whatsoever.

Bring Your New Hire On-Board

As a newcomer to your organization, your recruit is sure to have several questions. Make their transition and onboarding a memorable and engaging experience with FlexiEle’s onboarding.

Prevent no-shows, or dropouts by giving a hands-on onboarding experience.

Complete Data Transfer & Buddy Allotment

Migrate all candidate data to the candidate’s onboarding profile, fill in all appropriate data and assign mentors or buddies immediately after selection.

Just when the joining date nears, bring all support teams together, assign tasks to POCs and ensure everyone is ready for the candidate to join. The onboarding profile will be your center where you record updates shared with candidates: welcome mail, joining kit, training plan, etc.

Assign onboarding and other training modules here, so candidates know you’re serious about them and know what to do upon joining.

To Wrap Up

Given the competitive landscape, you need to make sure your recruitment process is airtight. Leave no room in between any stage of candidate experience, by automating all manual tasks, accelerating the hiring cycle, and capturing the interest of top candidates.

With FlexiEle, you can ensure seamless business-candidate interaction, reduce manual intervention and make your superstars feel at home right from day one.

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