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How do you manage the performance of the most important asset in your company – your people? Do you have an agile PMS in place? Do you want your PMS to identify top performers, high potentials for you to reward them? Do you want to identify those who need assistance, for you to support them? Look no further. FlexiEle PMS helps you nurture your people in the most accurate and seamless way possible.

Kickstart the appraisal with self review

After the performance cycle is over, the review commences when self review is triggered. Let us view the section part by part.

Ratings against KRAs: In this section, employees rate their own performance against the KRAs and goals set in the beginning of the appraisal period. They can add comments, provide justification for the ratings they have given themselves and add any supporting documents.

 Ratings against competencies: The employee rates their own competencies against the ones expected in their role.

 Overall performance summary: The composite score of Part A and Part B are calculated, based on weightage affixed by the management (Ie; 60% of part A and 40% of part B, etc.). The weightages can be set according to your business requirements.

 Overall feedback: The employee can key in their feedback in terms of challenges they faced, the support they would like to receive from the management, factors that aided in their performance etc.

Promotion: The FlexiEle system puts the employee on the forefront and allows them to opt in for a promotion, and add supporting comments to justify their ask.

Manager’s and reviewer’s feedback:

As soon as the self review ends, superiors enter their feedback, which the respective employee can view.

Peer feedback:

Peer feedback option allows your employees to submit feedback for other peers and view their comments. Having peer feedback allows for a comprehensive 360 degree performance assessment.

Training needs: The type, periodicity and method of training sessions required by the employee are entered here, so as to collect inputs from the field soldiers themselves.

Validate performance with manager’s review

The manager, in their MSS portal can view the complete self review of the employee, validate their score, modify ratings, affirm or deny the requests made by the employee and enter their feedback on all areas of performance. This is a crucial aspect of PMS and FlexiEle captures it precisely.

Approve scores with reviewer’s review

The boss’s boss has the bird’s eye view of the reviews of the team members under each manager. If they wish to, they can go ahead and validate each employee’s individual review, or they can approve the manager’s ratings once and for all.

Manage appraisal outcomes:

Once the ratings are finalised, the outcomes have to be managed. FlexiEle also offers a provision where the system calculates % of increment the person is eligible for, based on their ratings. This information, once fed by the management, can be customised and applied for all grades and bands.

FlexiEle captures the mechanism of managing various types of PMS outcomes and deftly manages any amount of customisation your business demands.

Development plans/ PIP

Plans to improve performance can be chalked out after review, jointly by the employee and the manager. Upon agreeing on the plan, FlexiEle enables the employees to update their progress in the development plan, which can be viewed, edited and validated by their manager.

Promotions and succession planning using 9 box grid

Once the employee reaches the ceiling of their current job position, it is only fair to give them an enhanced role with higher responsibilities and better pay. In order to ascertain which employee lies where, and whom to promote, companies tend to use the 9 box grid, which compares the potential and current performance of the employees.

Upon comparison, the employees are placed in one of the 9 boxes, of which the ones with promising potential and high performance are placed in line for promotion. The ones with low performance and low potential are either given a different opportunity or let go. FlexiEle intelligently captures the complete mechanics of the 9 box grid, allows for any level of customisation within the grid and generates accurate, easy to read results.

Compensation revision

A complete overview of the employees eligible for increment, their performance and comp revision history, % of increment, impact on monthly and yearly wage bill etc. are captured seamlessly in FlexiEle.

Reports, analytics and notifications

During the appraisal cycle, HR and management receive periodic updates on the status of self and manager review completion. Timelines for completion can be set and notifications sent to those who have not completed. Other PMS reports can be extracted with a click of a button in the FlexiEle PMS module.


FlexiEle is the one stop solution for a smart and holistic performance management system for your company. Visit to kickstart your smart Employee Performance Appraisal journey

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