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The new normal that began post covid has brought about many realisations and one of them is that we can have a fully engaged workforce even while working remotely. 

It was indeed a challenge for all businesses to switch to virtual working and handle the challenges that came their way. However, in this article you will read about the 10 areas businesses have to focus on, to manage employees effectively, going forward, in the new normal. 

  • Hybrid hiring

While virtual hiring opens up the possibility of hiring anyone from the world, it also places the responsibility of being inclusive. Having multiple rounds of screening, including in-person and virtual, businesses have to be inclusive and cater to all sorts of applicants. This emphasises the need to have an all inclusive hiring strategy and a smart ATS (Applicant Tracking System) that makes hiring hassle free

  • Engaging onboarding

Nothing beats an amazing first impression like a good onboarding experience. The HR department ensures that new hires are handheld, inducted and completely engaged from day 1. Since different teams liaising for onboarding are located at different places, a smart HRMS can track each department’s approval and progress, thus ensuring seamless onboarding.

  • Presence and progress tracking

With remote working comes accountability for all. Proper delegation of work, ownership and completion of the same is vital for the company to survive in the long run. FlexiEle comes with a dynamic attendance module that captures shift-wise attendance to track overtime and location-wise attendance with geotracking. Given the gig economy and remote working setup, with FlexiEle it is easy to track work done and attendance to gauge employee productivity and resource planning.

  • Employee pulse gathering

Work without long commutes can mean overextending timelines. When occurred regularly, this may cause significant burnout in employees. How do you check in with your people, without meeting them everyday? FlexiEle offers a simple and effective solution – the ‘mood-o-metre’ – which presents the poll with varying moods for employees to choose from. Their choices are fetched as reports to the HR to gauge the pulse. The system also has interactive online games and fun activities to engage the workforce. The Employee Self Service portal offers companies to run rewards and recognition programs, to celebrate employees’ achievements and share exciting updates. This helps improve employee morale and builds trust in the company. 

  • Learning on the go

With the remote working setup and fast paced working world, employees prefer to learn on the go, in bite sized portions. FlexiEle has a learning management system that caters to the learners by embracing online, and blended learning modules. It also helps the trainers to evaluate learners periodically and evaluate progress. Payments and schedules of vendors offering training can also be managed by FlexiEle’s LMS. 

  • Pay, benefits and statutory obligations

With global hiring comes the responsibility for businesses to cater to employees working in different geographies. Managing varied currencies and statutory components according to the tax and labour laws prevailing in each country is important to acquiring and retaining global talent. Another important aspect to bear in mind, while working remotely, is clearing employee queries from time to time. 

  • FlexiEle can accommodate Indian, middle eastern and south asian payroll, with the possibility to add any number of components for any number of users.
  • Employee Self Service, provided by FlexiEle, enables employees to download their own pay slips, tax slips etc. 
  • Replace manual query handling with FlexiEle’s help desk model in the payroll module, which provides instant response to employees’ FAQs. 
  • A smart HRMS like FlexiEle enables you to download customisable reports on salary, taxes and statutory payments, so that you get the big picture of the wage bill and other expenses. 


  • Goals vs performance evaluation

For any employee to be successful at a job, the following aspects are important: 

  • Competencies to do the job
  • Goals to work for 
  • Compensation to stay motivated 
  • Career roadmap

All unique job positions mandate a certain set of behavioural and functional competencies to do the job right that differ with role and function. An employee is hired if they align with expected competencies. In due course, they are expected to become better. 

  • FlexiEle offers the provision to map competencies for all job roles and monitor current level, after assessment intervals. 

Goals drive company and employee performance. Individual goals are tied to departmental and organisational goals. Hence setting SMART goals/ OKRs is important in ensuring sustained growth.

  • FlexiEle offers the possibility of managers and employees setting and signing off on yearly, half yearly and quarterly OKRs/goals/key result areas. This enables managers to track progress and course correct, if necessary. 


Considering the uniqueness of each business, FlexiEle’s performance module accommodates all proven review methods – the bell curve, 360 degree feedback and 9 box grid. The module can be customised based on the company’s policy and review conducted for all employees seamlessly.  


As employees exhibit higher levels of competencies, it is fair to give them a job enrichment or promotion. With FlexiEle’s continuous competency assessment in the performance module, employees and their managers evaluate the employees’ competencies, observe the gap between expected and actual and chalk out action plans for improvement. 

  • FlexiEle enables employees and their managers to create, modify, monitor and update Individual Development Plans designed for the employees’ betterment. 


Towards the end of each performance review, HR executives and the leadership team can determine the level of increment for each level of performance with FlexiEle. Offering a customisable dashboard for leaders to compare performance with compensation, FlexiEle helps in a fair compensation revision. 


We understand that most routine tasks of HR functions can be automated with an agile HRMS, and time freed for them to focus on developing the most important resource of their company – its invaluable people. Visit to kickstart your journey in making HR smarter.


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