HRMS [Human Resources Management System] through SaaS and PaaS

Whatever sizes your organization, the HRMS platform has the versatility and flexibility to make your systems run smoother without the cost of additional infrastructure – all while cutting your costs significantly. It is a modern, intuitive and unified HR and talent management solution built on a global platform and designed to adapt with businesses as their needs and requirements evolve.

FE HRMS can either be installed on your server or preferably used directly from our server as a service (SaaS); this eliminates the need to acquire and maintain expensive Infrastructure. There is Zero maintenance fees, and you still won’t be left behind by technology changes!

FE HRMS helps you manage and optimise your organisation’s human capital efficiently. It boosts employee and manager productivity through simple, employee self-service and manager self-service HR software modules. Having your HR policies and processes automated saves time and resources so you can focus on what matters most to your business. FE HRMS Live is an all encompassing HR application with rich features that we continuously enrich and invest in further development.

Configurable HR Workflows

FE HRMS is integrated for all your HR needs, fast to implement, cost effective. Plus it’s so easy to use, there’s little or no training required. To succeed in today’s era, your entire business will depend on recruiting, retaining and motivating the right leader. FE helps you in the same.

FE HRMS manages On boarding, HRMS, FE Attendance Management, FE Leave Management, FE Payroll Management, training, and FE Exit Management, with F&F settlement i.e. all such HRMS activities from candidate entry till employee exit. The beauty of opting for our integrated software is that you do not need to worry about multiple data entries, multiple master creations or data migration hassles.

FE HRMS is very user friendly and is adaptable to any kind of industry: products, process or service.

The best business leaders understand that people are the cornerstone of any operation. That’s why it pays to have a HR system that really works for your company.

Handle Everything from Hire to Retire cycle

FE HRMS has modules that cover the entire employee life-cycle from recruitment to retirement. You can pick a module package that would suit your business needs first and add-on at a later point as your business grows. We understand that a growing business has limitations on resources. FE HRMS eases the burden of having a dedicated person to manage employees on a daily basis- leaving your HR to be a true strategic partner in your growing business.

FE HRMS is built from the ground up with HR expertise from cross industries, so you’ll have HR best practice tools right inside your HR software. Our support services come with your subscription, so won’t need special skills or specialized personnel to manage the HRMS. Leave us to worry about the details.

Enabling you to pace up with time and technology

FE Applications, are accessible through mobile smart phones, which enable you to pace up with time and technology.

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