The power of having an autonomous and accountable workforce

autonomy and accountability at workplace

Imagine a workforce that operates with the precision of a laser-sharp machine, yet possesses the creative brilliance of individual minds set free. 

Picture an environment where responsibility is not a burden, but a badge of honour, where every team member stands as an architect of progress. 

This is what a workplace with both autonomy and accountability in place will look like. 

In this age of ever-evolving technology, the concept of autonomy isn’t merely a buzzword; it is the catalyst for unfettered potential. 

It is the unleashing of innovation from the confines of traditional hierarchy, a clarion call to transcend the mundane and venture into the realm of the extraordinary. 

Paired with accountability, this dynamic duo forms a powerful alliance that propels organizations beyond the horizon of conventional limits.

Given the remote working scenario and a diverse workforce spread sporadically, organizations are cramming ways to ensure productivity without suffocating or chaining their employees and pushing them to the brink of burnout. 

On the flip side, they cannot compromise on profits, and so targets also will have to be managed. Finding a middle ground is the key to keeping your workforce happy, and that’s exactly what we’ll talk about in this blog post.

Defining Autonomy: Beyond the Buzzword

According to Gallup’s report, about 6 in 10 people are emotionally detached from work, and 18% are purely miserable. What does this tell you? 

Employees who don’t have a say in the type, variety and amount of work and entailing decisions end up working nonchalantly, and eventually either get frustrated and leave, or quit quietly and do only the bare minimum. 

Another study reveals that employees who are never remotely working are 35% often burnt out, those who are sometimes remote are 30% burnt out, and those who are permanently remote are only 27% burnt out.

This is where autonomy or the power of choice in the workplace plays a big role. While micromanagement has an array of negative impacts, allowing employees a choice has an immense effect on productivity and morale. 

It is not a one-size-fits-all concept; rather, it’s a spectrum that ranges from minimal freedom to complete self-governance. 

It encompasses several key components:

  • Decision-making Authority
  • Task Variety
  • Skill Mastery
  • Goal Setting
  • Flexibility

Defining Accountability: Unveiling the Components

Another side of the same coin is accountability. 

Felt accountability is an obsessive passion to take responsibility and achieve work results. This sense of responsibility persuades employees to meet work requirements and gain the approval of their peers and higher-ups.

Owing to the drive of duty, they exhibit rigid persistence, take on heavy workloads and still ace them like a pro. 

Accountability isn’t a single attribute but rather a multifaceted concept that encompasses several crucial components. 

Let’s break them down:


  • Responsibility
  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Follow-through
  • Learning and Growth
  • Feedback

Finding the sweet spot between autonomy and accountability – How advanced HRMS tools can help

With the dawn of remote work and productivity systems, a new era has dawned, where organizations are embracing innovative techniques to empower their employees with autonomy while maintaining a delicate balance of accountability. 

Flexible Work Arrangements

The rise of remote work and flexible schedules grants employees the autonomy to choose where and when they work best, while still ensuring they meet their responsibilities. 


Advanced HRMS tools like FlexiEle help HRs like you administer work from home policies while monitoring attendance, presence at work, task completion and continued availability of your employees over the workweek. 

Goal-Oriented Framework

Shifting from task-oriented management to goal-oriented frameworks enables employees to take ownership of their work and align their efforts with broader company objectives. 

FlexiEle allows teammates to allocate tasks to themselves, to each other and cross functionally, follow up, hold the stakeholders accountable and achieve the desired outcome on time.

Self-Managed Teams

Small, autonomous teams are empowered to make decisions collectively, fostering a sense of ownership and shared responsibility.

Transparent Communication

Open and honest communication ensures that employees understand their role in achieving company goals, thus promoting individual accountability.

Results-Only Work Environment (ROWE)

Emphasising outcomes rather than hours spent working encourages employees to manage their time effectively and take control of their tasks.

This makes a huge difference for employees with families that require constant nurturing. Returning moms who have little children may find it difficult to stick to timelines or attend all meetings. 

But if your organisation prioritises results rather than clocking hours at work, they will be able to contribute effectively and stay at work for long.

Skill Development Opportunities

Providing resources for continuous learning and upskilling empowers employees to take charge of their own professional growth. 

FlexiEle LMS allows employees to take up their own training programs, nominate each other and measure their progress with each milestone. Learning is decentralised and everyone is made incharge of their own learning.

Feedback Culture

Regular feedback sessions create an environment of constant improvement and self-assessment, encouraging accountability for personal development. 

With FlexiEle’s PMS module, you can now create regular feedback or performance review sessions, incorporate the employee’s feedback and ensure both the parties are aligned, in terms of work expectations, delivery, timelines and methodology. 

This regular feedback also increases trust on both parties and inculcates a sense of responsibility.

Personalized Development Plans

Tailoring individual growth plans gives employees the autonomy to chart their career paths while staying aligned with organizational goals. 

Managers can now create custom, comprehensive development plans for current and future roles for their employees with FlexiEle PMS module. 

Employees can also offer feedback, request changes, and sign off on their own plans and begin their development journey.

Decision-Making Autonomy

Granting employees the authority to make decisions within their domain fosters a culture of ownership and innovative problem-solving.

Cross-Functional Collaboration

Encouraging collaboration across departments enables employees to explore new perspectives, enhancing accountability for collective success.

Wellness Initiatives

Prioritizing employee well-being empowers individuals to manage their physical and mental health, ultimately boosting accountability and productivity.

Recognition and Rewards

Acknowledging achievements publicly reinforces accountability and encourages employees to take ownership of their contributions. 

With FlexiEle’s Employee Engagement module, you can now tailor make engagement plans, policies and programs, promote, execute and monitor them with ease and while having access to all crucial data. 

Instant org-wide recognition is possible through omnichannel communication spanning the entire workforce, employees can share news of their rewards and awards on social media real-time, and experience a collective celebration of commendable performers.

Innovation Time

Allotting time for creative exploration allows employees to pursue passion projects, stimulating autonomy and fostering a culture of innovation.

Clear Expectations

Defining roles, responsibilities, and expectations empowers employees to take ownership of their tasks and deliverables.

Empathetic Leadership

Leaders who understand and support their teams create an environment where employees feel valued, which in turn drives accountability.

Experimentation and Risk-Taking

Encouraging calculated risks empowers employees to take ownership of their decisions, even in uncertain situations.

Employee Empowerment Platforms

Leveraging technology to provide self-service tools and information empowers employees to manage their own work-related tasks. 

FlexiEle makes the employees entirely self-sufficient. Be it leave application, or ticket monitoring, or access to policies, pay slips, engagement programs, performance review notifications or learning requirements, everything the employee needs is accessible through the self service module, and on their mobile. 

Your HRMS tool largely determines how autonomous and accountable your employees are, and how you can seamlessly manage them without ever running the risk of micro-managing their work. 

FlexiEle is the best employee friendly, manager friendly and org-friendly application you’ll ever need. 

Get a full view of the application at and for a deep dive demo session, write to us at

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