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FlexiEle’s 13-Year Legacy: Hear From Our Long-Standing Clients

This Anniversary week, we reached out to several clients and checked in on how we can improve their HR processes and how better we can serve them. 

Upon conversing, we received heartwarming feedback on our tool and service, which we’d love to share with you.

In this blog post, you’ll come across how we helped clients of different industries get over their people management challenges and how we can cater to you. 

How We Care For Our Clients

We have distinct teams that cater exclusively for each stage of the customer’s decision-making phase. 

We walk them through the product, collect requirements and give a vivid overview of how FlexiEle can understand and adapt to the nuances of their policies and HR processes. 

Most leads tell us the number of times they’ve had to modify their policies, instead of customising the HR tool as per their processes and policies. That’s a huge turn-off for any company, especially when you’ve carefully curated policies that suit your business and workforce. 

You shouldn’t have to compromise, that’s why FlexiEle offers ultimate, unmatchable customisation so you can continue using and enhancing your HR systems, processes, policies and workflows, with the system adapting to it instantaneously.

Aside from offering our remarkable people management automation software, we also deploy the brightest minds as your go-to people, and consultants throughout your journey with FlexiEle. 

They are more than account managers – they are HR experts who can observe your HR processes, and suggest breakthrough measures that can immensely impact the quality of employee experience at your company. 

People concern, or tool trouble, you have the best people to handle it for you all year long, for a lifetime. 

How FlexiEle Solved Improved The Employee Lifecycle In Our Client Companies

Don’t take our word, read the candid feedback of some of our clients, and how FlexiEle helped them solve people management challenges in one go.

Learning Links Foundation

One of our most loyal, long-standing clients, has been using FlexiEle for 12 years now. 

At the outset, the HR department faced challenges every month in handling leave, and attendance which led to recurring issues in payroll, resulting in delayed salary payments. 

Upon hearing about our tool, they immediately took the demo, received leadership buy-in in a very short time and began using our tool. 

Cut to now, the employee leave and attendance are managed effortlessly, with 100% accuracy, and with ZERO discrepancies in payroll. This is a huge win for morale and employee satisfaction at the Learning Links Foundation.

The HR manager of the company states,” FlexiEle’s timely service is commendable. They have experienced professionals who offer 24/7 customer service who can make anything possible for you in the shortest possible time.” 


We’ve served Hitachi for 4 years now and have a strong, solid rapport with the company. 

Being a conglomerate, their dealbreakers when browsing through HRMS tools were accuracy, timely support, innovative models, detailed reports to extract for decision-making, and a one-stop solution for all people management needs. 

That’s exactly what we offered, and they chose us.

Since then, the HR operations team that takes care of employee queries, helpdesk, engagement, compliance and overall employee lifecycle, has found FlexiEle to have eased their workload, provided an easy-to-learn, and simple-to-customise platform for them to carry out operations with ZERO hassle, fallout, or inaccuracy. 

The HR Ops at Hitachi is ecstatic when he says, “The FlexiEle team always deliver more than promised. Any customisation you want, they will get done. The team is superb. Infact, we love the tool so much that we recommended the tool to our sister concern and to a vendor as well.” 


A subsidiary of Hitachi, Proterial has been using FlexiEle for 6 years now, and they’ve witnessed the massive impact of the tool first-hand.

Initially, the HR team had several bottlenecks with the performance management system they were having. The HR team lost sleep before and during the reviews. 

All data, forms and ratings were either paperwork or entered on a manual system, with no automation whatsoever. This led to the incorrect recording of feedback, difficulty in retrieving data, and delays in completing the review cycle.

Ever since our team got in touch with the HR team and gave a real-time demo of the performance management module, the leadership team was incredibly pleased and instantly opted for FlexiEle. 

Since then their performance reviews are going on with ZERO hassles, there have been no operational delays or errors. 

FlexiEle has single-handedly streamlined the PMS process of a multinational company like Proterial, all thanks to our stellar automation, advanced technology and hyper-personalization.

Impressed with our PMS module, Proterial is now trying out our onboarding and Learning Management modules and is absolutely loving every feature in them.

The Head of Strategy is all praise for FlexiEle, “The application is highly user-friendly, 100% customisable and immensely useful for our HR department. We have successfully digitized employee master data management and now we’re able to extract custom reports instantly from the FlexiEle application. We’re trying out different modules and find them so helpful. The team is supportive, and accommodating and their service is amazing.” 


Being a FlexiEle user for about 3 years now, Exotel has immensely benefitted from our HRMS tool.

As an omnichannel service provider for customers, Exotel wanted to provide a seamless platform for their employees to manage A-Z of HR processes. 

FlexiEle caters to the entire employee lifecycle, adapts to their requirements and smoothened all HR processes at one go. 

The HR team of Exotel opines,” The FlexiEle team is deeply knowledgeable and highly professional. We’ve been with them for 3 years and we’ve loved using the tool. The UI/UX is simply unmatchable. You only need one tool for everything in HR, and that’s FlexiEle. One thing I love about the team is that they go the extra mile for you and suggest best industry practices for your HR processes.” 

Want Us to 5x Your Employee Experience?

Haul in talent management automation, using the only tool you need and watch your retention rates, employer value proposition, net promoter score and employee satisfaction soar! 

One simple, yet comprehensive tool can reduce your workload by half, and get you a loyal workforce in no time. 

Visit or write to us at and let’s take you closer to stress-free, 5x efficient, and ZERO hassle workdays.

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