Flexiele’s Journey – From A Passionate Venture To A Pioneering Brand

As our anniversary week draws to a close, we wish to walk you through our journey, important milestones and the pillars of our organisation who held it together through everything. 

FlexiEle is exuberant to reminisce how far we’ve come from starting a passionate venture to leading the brand into the 14th year successfully while seeding for exponential growth. 

Here’s a heartwarming throwback on how we’ve progressed through the years.

How It All Began – The Spark To The Flame

Our co-founders planted the seed for FlexiEle in 2010 after a thorough market, product and need research. We found that there were only a few products that can cover A-Z of talent while being customised to suit the nuanced requirements of every business. 

In the vast experience of our founders, it was observed that companies had to rework their policies and procedures to work around with inefficiencies of the HRMS they use.

We put our minds together, clubbed our collective HR expertise and came up with a one-shot solution that would single-handedly ease talent management while improving 5x efficiency of HR processes. 

While it sounded too good to be true, we found a way to bring our vision to reality and crafted a comprehensive product for HRs of all industries – FlexiEle.

We’re a completely bootstrapped company, founded and run debt free. We’ve invested our best efforts, capital, time and expertise in creating a never-before HRMS that thinks ahead of you, solves problems your way and offers a seamless user experience.

Our Rise To Fame – Initial Milestones & How We Bagged Our Blue–Chip Clients Upon Starting Out

In 2010, various technology companies and HR solutions were coming up, but no one could offer a fabulous employee experience without burning a hole in their customer’s pockets. 

That was also the era when mobile phones were booming. 

FlexiEle capitalised on both trends as we brought out our first mobile HRMS to cater to the mobile workforce. 

Just as we finished developing the product and were ready to launch, we got our first client – a big-league company with close to 17,000 employees – which is a staggering number to service at a nascent stage. 

We believed in ourselves and our product and we went head-on. Since then there has been no looking back.

All through these years, word-of-mouth recommendations and referrals are our primary source of customers. 

Another commendable quality of our brand is that we have an evergreen relationship with our clients, and we work with them long-term. 

Our heartfelt commitment and the nature to go the extra mile to solve problems for the customer have earned us clients, their unwavering loyalty and goodwill over the years.

Our Clientele Over The Years

Being a versatile product built on deep people and business expertise, FlexiEle boasts a diverse clientele. 

We’ve worked with top players in IT, ITES, Retail, e-commerce, media, travel, insurance manufacturing, garment processing, fashion and a lot of other industries and are still their preferred HRMS partner. 

Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail, Shopclues, DailyHunt, Publicis Media, Hitachi Systems, GokalDas Exports and Otipy are a few prominent names in a luminary clientele.

Product Transformation Over 13 Years

We began working on our product even before we launched, and one of our first clients was an educational technology company that needed basic HRMS modules like leave, employee data, attendance, etc. 

We expanded our scope of work and moved towards providing end-to-end HR solutions. Along the way, in 2012 we added a few other important modules, fine-tuned our mobile version and became one of the pioneers to bring a HRMS application to the mobile phone. 

In 2015 we developed the entire suite of modules to cover the complete employee lifecycle and all HR processes, right from hiring to exit. 

We had all the essential modules, but there were still a few gaps or loose ends in the lifecycle. We didn’t want to leave any stone unturned. That’s why we added supporting modules like asset management, task management, survey etc to make the entire gamut of HR processes airtight. 

Cut to 2021, we embarked on a mission to give our decade-long brand a fresh look, feel and ease. We re-engineered our UI, and system architecture and released an all-new, even better FlexiEle with an intuitive, intelligent UI than ever before. 

Since then, even now, we’re channelling our focus and efforts towards market expansion, branding and marketing, to take our product to a wide audience and help businesses in need of a transformative HRMS. 

Constants From Day 1 – Recognising Contributions Of Pillars Of The Organization

Ever since we began, we have had pillars who have shouldered the huge responsibility of laying a strong foundation and building on it every single day. We would love to appreciate and honour FlexiEle’s pillars on our 13th anniversary. 

One of the most integral pillars of FlexiEle, Abhishek, Technical Head – has been with us for 13 years, and spearheads technical developments to offer seamless working and an unmatchable app experience.

In the Payroll wing, we have Suresh, Payroll Manager (6 years of service) and Tarun, Payroll (4 years) Consultant, who have collectively managed to run payrolls for ZERO hassles and 100% accuracy – month-on-month – for numerous clients, thus paving the way for a strong brand for FlexiEle’s payroll division. 

In the functional consulting space, we have Mahipal, an HR Consultant, a long-timer who has single-handedly improved the HR processes of our client companies with his expert interventions and best practices that have saved turnover and losses. 

The contribution of these dedicated, tireless people has propelled FlexiEle forward through the years and we’re full of gratitude for their many years of relentless commitment to our cause. 

The Impact We’ve Created – Awards Clients Have Won Because Of Our Product, Usps Of Our Product

One of our long-time, esteemed clients is a prominent garment manufacturer located in Bangalore, India. 

They employ a diverse workforce, including both educated and uneducated individuals, who contribute to various tasks in the manufacturing process.

With the assistance of our user-friendly, multi-lingual kiosk, managing the uneducated workforce and streamlining operations have become effortless. Our innovative product offers a unique feature that allows users to express their current mood by selecting an emoji on their dashboard and providing a brief reason for their feelings. 

This valuable input is promptly forwarded to the HR department for appropriate action.

Thanks to this proactive approach, our client successfully prevented and addressed workplace harassment, fostering a safe and harmonious work environment. In recognition of their outstanding commitment to workplace safety, they were honoured with an exclusive award at a prestigious forum in Singapore.

At FlexiEle, we understand the significance of cultivating a positive work culture, which has resulted in remarkably low attrition rates within our own company. We prioritize trust and sincerity, ensuring our employees are consistently supported and nurtured.

Overall, our commitment to empowering businesses and promoting a healthy work atmosphere has proven to be instrumental in the success stories of our clients.

Hear Why Clients Love Us – Testimonials 

We not only practice customer-centricity and superior customer service, but we also breathe and live by them daily, which is why our clients love us and want to be associated with us for a long time.

The HR Ops at Hitachi is ecstatic when he says, “The FlexiEle team always deliver more than promised. Any customisation you want, they will get done. The team is superb. Infact, we love the tool so much that we recommended the tool to our sister concern and a vendor as well.” 

The Head of Strategy is all praise for FlexiEle, “The application is highly user-friendly, 100% customisable and immensely useful for our HR department. We have successfully digitized employee master data management and now we’re able to extract custom reports instantly from the FlexiEle application. We’re trying out different modules and find them so helpful. The team is supportive, and accommodating and their service is amazing.” 

The HR team of Exotel opines,” The FlexiEle team is profoundly knowledgeable and highly professional. We’ve been with them for 3 years and we’ve loved using the tool. The UI/UX is simply unmatchable. You only need one tool for everything in HR, and that’s FlexiEle. One thing I love about the team is that they go the extra mile for you and suggest best industry practices for your HR processes.” 

Voice of Our Own

Who doesn’t love a fun, fulfilling, fraternising workplace? That’s how our employees feel about FlexiEle! Here are a few light moments our employees cherish.

“Once I sent a season’s greeting card to my client and my surprise, he turned it into an immediate requirement and asked us to configure the greeting card as part of their logo. My manager and I laughed real hard.”

– Arun, Tech Team, FlexiEle 

“I was running late in submitting the monthly payroll report for a client, I had to meet the deadline no matter what but had a ton of workload. I shared the work-in-progress file with password protection and revealed the password the next morning. In the meantime I completed the file and when the client asked I shared their password and got the file instantly approved.”

– Tarun, Payroll Team 

“We don’t have multiple continuous meetings here at FlexiEle. There’s room for deep focus and work on your while still having a team to consult and collaborate with. This is something I love about FlexiEle.” 

– Jasti

Just-in: CII features Our Co-founder as One Of the Top 50 Women in Innovation 

Our co-founder Mrs Lakshmi Trivedy has been recognised and honoured as one of the top 50 Women in Innovation by CII (Confederation of Indian Industries), for leading a successful tech company and spearheading technological and social innovation. 

CII is an esteemed organization that recognises entrepreneurial, economically and socially conscious minds with a striking vision and spreads their ideas and mission to flame their spark. 

This is a great honour for FlexiEle’s unwavering commitment to customer success, HR transformation and an exhilarating employee experience. 

Q1 2023 And The Way Forward

This quarter and for the rest of the year ahead, we are diving deeper into market penetration with extensive marketing, taking our brand far and wide and showing the world that there’s a single solution to all people management solutions and that the brand is called FlexiEle.

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