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One of the main factors in creating a wonderful environment to work at a company is paying employees fairly and on time. Now consider the state of your company’s payroll. Can you handle salaries in a timely manner? Are you OK with the way you’ve calculated taxes and handled payroll expenses? Is it possible for your staff to personalize their CTC?

We are aware that it might be difficult to discover the answers to these queries because the payroll procedure is never simple. To be good at it, you need years of experience and ongoing supervision. Whether they are a payroll specialist or a business owner, not everyone is an expert at first. To comprehend tax regulations, carry out payroll efficiently, and pay employees on schedule, everyone requires assistance. FlexiEle is here to assist you with it at this time.

Announcing Payroll with FlexiEle

The payroll software from FlexiEle serves as a comprehensive resource where you can read, watch, and gain knowledge about all things payroll related. To help you on your payroll journey, we’ve carefully curated a vast library of articles, blogs, manuals, e-books, infographics, and webinars.

You can easily learn payroll when you have FlexiEle on your side.

Assure adherence with assurance.

Learn from professionals in the field.

Easily understand payroll

To make sure you have all the information you need to manage payroll efficiently, we’ve grouped material into several payroll-related themes and topics that are directly connected to it in one location.

Our glossary page will make payroll language easier for you to understand, and we offer helpful advice on a variety of topics, like managing leaves, addressing deductions, structuring CTC, and much more. You may also use the search bar to enter your search term if you are having trouble finding what you’re searching for.

With confidence, ensure payroll compliance.

With state-by-state variations in rules, managing payroll in a varied nation such as ours is no easy feat. We are aware of the difficulties you may have while attempting to learn tax laws from several sources while also working to expand your company. Our goal is to alter this situation by making crucial payroll data more accessible to everyone involved in payroll processing.

We have simplified labor laws and payroll rules into easily comprehensible language to make it easier for you to stay compliant with the law. Our easy-to-use materials will make sure you always maintain a clean slate, from comprehending what Form 16 is to registering your firm for EPF (Employees’ Provident Fund) and discovering the professional tax rates applicable to your state.

Learn from professionals in the field.

It’s a never-ending work to stay current with payroll and tax laws, and occasionally we need someone to guide us through the tax filing, journal entry, and payroll accounting processes so that we can become proficient. We have seasoned individuals on staff that can help you with FlexiEle’s payroll software to support you throughout the journey.

What features is FlexiEle’s payroll software available for, and who may use it?

The FlexiEle payroll software is available to every type of business, corporation, firm, etc. It provides a range of capabilities that let companies meet all of their payroll processing requirements, such as:

Payroll Calculation Automatically

Pay runs may be processed as soon as your company’s payroll setup is complete and all of your workers are added to FlexiEle’s payroll software. Since employee wages are automatically determined based on the provided compensation facts, the statutory structure of the organization, and its tax structure, this will be a rapid procedure. Before processing the pay run, you can additionally incorporate one-time earnings or deductions.

Straight Pay Deposit

The payroll software from FlexiEle allows for bank account-based direct deposit of employee paychecks. You may conduct the monthly pay run and opt to deposit wages straight into your workers’ bank accounts by integrating FlexiEle’s payroll software with your bank account. It is a simple and safe method of payment because only your bank manager’s and your own approval will allow the transaction to proceed.

Precise Income Tax Estimation

One significant component of payroll is taxes. The taxes will be estimated using the CTC at the start of the fiscal year in FlexiEle’s payroll software and will be withheld from employees’ paychecks on a monthly basis. Because FlexiEle’s payroll software is cloud-based, any suggested modifications to the tax structure may be swiftly and readily implemented, ensuring your compliance at all times. Workers can submit their investment declarations and evidence of investments, and they can choose between the old and new tax regimes. The taxes paid by employees will be automatically updated in the TDS prediction and subtracted from future payrolls.

Portal for Employee Self-Service

Your staff members may check their paystubs, TDS worksheets, and tax summaries on their personal self-service portals. They can also use a web browser to submit reimbursement claims, investment information, and verification for those investments.

After your staff members submit their claims, you may examine, accept, and process them in the corresponding payrolls.

Please investigate FlexiEle. Discover how to make the most of it and experience for yourself how knowing the ins and outs of the procedure can simplify your payroll.

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